Vernon Francois is launching a textured hair range and you're going to want it all

Calling all people with textured hair! Meet the new hair range you need...

Calling all people with textured hair! Meet the new hair range you need...

If you've ever loved a hair style Lupita Nyong'o wore on the red carpet, you have Vernon François to thank. Renowned in the industry and the hairstylist to go to if you have curls, Vernon is now set to launch his own collection.

As part of a big family, Sunday nights in his household were all about 'Mum with sleeves rolled up and all of us kids taking it in turns having our hair braided.' so, Vernon François discovered his talent and love for working with textured hair aged just eight years old.

Eventually, he was tasked with braiding his hair himself. Which turned out to be his ‘eureka’ moment. And everything that could be braided, was braided. From his grandmother’s beaded curtains to the fringing on his mum’s living room rug.

This soon developed into a passion, which in turn led him on the path to where he is today.

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At the age of 14 Vernon took his first job at a salon on London’s Oxford Street. Early in his career, he assisted the award-winning hair stylist Desmond Murray, which he did for three years before going on to freelance in Paris, Oslo, Amsterdam and Prague. And at the age of 17, was recognised in the industry by being named ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Black Beauty Hair Awards.

Now, Vernon is taking on the hair industry with his new range Vernon Francois.

The collection is presented in three core lines: PURE-FRO, for kinky, dense, tightly coiled hair types; CURL-COMMAND, for wavy, loose, tight and corkscrew curly hair types; and RE-VAMPTM nurturing formulas for damaged heat or chemically treated hair, in need of intensive care. Each line offers a nourishing shampoo, restorative conditioner and moisture spray for maintaining vibrancy between washes. While further styling products include a lightweight serum, dazzling spritz, co-wash and a braids and locs spray.

The range has been several years in the making, with Vernon François, the brand’s founder and creative director, assuming a very hands-on lead role in the development process. 'At several points along the way, I was told that what I wanted to achieve couldn’t be done. Whenever this came up, I always asked ‘why not?’ and found a way around it. Spray application for thick conditioner, for example. The result is hugely exciting – revolutionary even', said Vernon.

'I have also developed a unique visual code, very simple icons, on every product and on my website, that will allow people to identify which products in my range are right for their hair type.'

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'My mission is to have a positive impact on the life of every person with naturally textured hair. To debunk myths, and for people - men, women and kids - to understand and embrace its incredible versatility. I want to share my knowledge and expertise, honed over more than twenty years of working with textured hair. Not only about the best products and ingredients, but application techniques, drying options, styling solutions and maintenance methods - instilling positivity and confidence in unlocking this genetic gift. Textured hair is something to be celebrated and I can show everyone how to manage this at home, fearlessly.'

VERNON FRANCOIS® styling products are priced from £20.00 RRP. For more information about VERNON FRANCOIS®, including inspiration and advice for styling and maintaining textured hair and online shop, visit

Natalie Lukaitis