Forget what you think you know about hair mousse—this is the best volumising product for transforming limp hair

No crunchiness or crispiness whatsoever

Laura holding Living Proof Full Texturizing Foam
(Image credit: Laura Mulley)

Hair mousse has had a bit of a bad rep over the years. The key styling product behind the giant bouffants of the 80s was mousse. So whenever you think of it now you probably picture immoveable, helmet-like hairdos with crispy curls and sticky strands. Naturally, it fell out of fashion as shoppers favoured spray, serum and cream styling products instead. But formulas have improved hugely in recent years, and nowadays the best hair mousses are well worth another go—and I’m an unexpected fan.

My hair is fine, poker straight and long overdue a trim, and it does very little except lie flat against my head, however much I try to manipulate it otherwise. Most styling products I’ve tried do nothing except weight down my limp hair further and make it look greasier quicker. That is, except Living Proof Full Texturizing Foam.

Laura holding Living Proof Full Texturizing Foam

(Image credit: Laura Mulley)

One of three stylers from Living Proof’s Full range that launched at the end of last year, this new generation pump-action mousse contains amaranth peptides to plump the individual strands and resins to add light hold. It’s a ‘dry foam’ consistency (so no wet-look results), and there’s time-release technology in the formulas, meaning that your new-found volume won’t fall flat by lunchtime. It also contains heat protection, is silicone-free and can be used on damp or dry hair.

Why I love it is that it adds an airiness to the hair around my face and gives it oomph without feeling stiff—I can tell I’ve got product in my hair but no one else would, and I can still run my fingers through it. Plus the results last all day long.

The way I use it is to scrunch 2-3 pumps into my roots and the top half of my hair where I want more volume, before blow drying with my head upside down and the front section pulled forward with a brush. For more texture and grip, I'll finish with a blast of Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray.

Laura with three pumps of Living Proof Full Texturising Foam in her palm

(Image credit: Laura Mulley)

On my stubborn hair the effect is subtle but, to me, noticeable—my roots look and feel lighter and thicker, and the lengths don’t hang so heavily.

It’s the next day, however, that I really like the results. Usually on day two my hair is a fetching combination of greasy and fluffy, but sleeping in a silk scrunchie followed by a quick brush of the ends has it looking thick, full and beachy—a style that I think would be amplified even more on those with mid-length or layered hair (note to self: book that haircut ASAP…).

Laura's hair after using Living Proof Full Texturizing Foam

(Image credit: Laura Mulley)

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