Why heat protection spray is so vital, plus the best of the best

When it comes to hair care, it's the most necessary step

If you use any kind of heat styling on your hair – whether that’s a 10-minute speed blow dry after washing or an hour long session with your best straighteners – heat protection spray is a must.

Skipping heat protection is one of the biggest causes of dry hair, breakage and split ends, so without it you’re only encouraging an onslaught of problems.

‘We’re all very good at protecting our skin with sun creams and skincare products, but often less thoughtful about our hair; then we wonder why it’s dull and dry, never seems to grow longer or looks lifeless,’ says Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director.

‘Obviously regular cutting keeps the ends of your hair in the best condition, but especially on shoulder length and longer hair, over-exposure to heat and UV can cause the hair to become brittle, lack-lustre and dry – and if the hair is coloured it can also cause colour fade.’

These days, the best heat protection sprays not only protect from direct heat, but also heat and UV light from sun exposure – heat protection for hair is essential when on holiday.

‘Heat protectors with UV added protection form a barrier to firstly, stop damage, and secondly, enable you to create smoother finishes with driers, straightening and curling irons,’ Maria adds.

‘Hair should be treated gently, so avoid too much sun exposure, don’t use a hot hairdryer too close to your scalp, and try not to use your heated appliances every day.

‘If you take these precautions and always use a protective product, your hair should look fabulous all the time!’

With this in mind, we’ve hand picked some of the best performing heat protection sprays that money can buy, from bargain to bank-breaking (but worth it).

Keep scrolling for your new hair heroes and remember: always use protection.

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