All the cool girls are wearing chic headbands right now—as a beauty editor, I'm obsessed with these 10 styles

Minimal effort required

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I'm calling it: headbands are back. Okay, I know they never really went away, but right now they’re everywhere, and I'm telling you they're the single most versatile hair trends out there. 

There are more ways to wear a headband—and more types—than you probably think. Plain black ones, padded ones, embellished ones, bouclé ones and many more, each giving an entirely new feel to an otherwise minimal hairstyle. That’s not the only reason we love them though. Headbands are an incredibly easy way to elevate any hair look, no matter your hair type or style. 

Ahead of the festive season and the New Year, here are 10 ways to incorporate a headband into your next look. Minimal effort, maximum impact (which just so happens to be our 2024 mantra). Need even more inspo? Check out our low-maintenance haircuts.

1. Plain elasticated headband 

Black elastic headband

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White elastic headband

(Image credit: Getty Images / Edward Berthelot)

Many of us never thought we’d see the return of the plain elastic headband but it’s here and it’s actually kind of great. Apart from looking cute, it’s one of the easiest styles to do, it scrapes hair off the face and it hides greasy roots. This is the ultimate morning-after-a-late-night style that looks chic and minimal, requiring very minimal effort. If black isn't your shade of headband choice, try the equally chic white style. 

2. Padded headband 

White padded headband

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Sofia Richie Grainge wearing Black padded headband

(Image credit: Getty Images / Gotham)

A classic that’ll never go out of style is the padded headband, which many of us like to get out for the festive period. There are a bunch of shades to choose from when it comes to padded headbands, as well as materials like velour and satin. You can also go plain or choose one with a bunch of embellishments, depending on how much you want to dial up your hairstyle. 

3. Embellished headband 

Bel Powley wearing embellished headband

(Image credit: Getty Images / Mike Marsland)

If you’re pushing the boat out and want to add some sparkle to a hairstyle, an embellished headband is the way to go. There are endless types of bejewelled styles to go for but we particularly love this green beaded headband Bel Powley wore in September. There are also great sparkly ones for the festive season. 

4. Boucle headband 

Boucle headband

(Image credit: Getty Images / Jeremy Moeller)

And you thought you loved bouclé chairs the most? Nope, this is your new favourite way to wear the material. Fluffy, cosy and an ideal winter accessory. Pair it with your fluffiest jacket and bold pair of earrings. 

5. Plastic headband 

Plastic headband

(Image credit: Getty Images / Neil Mockford)

Another classic is the plain plastic headband, which although simple, looks incredibly chic. We particularly love it worn with bright blonde hair in a side parting. 

6. Chain headband 

Chain headband

(Image credit: Getty Images / Dave Benett)

Chain headband

(Image credit: Getty Images / Jemal Countess)

If you like your hair accessories to be an extension on your jewellery, try a chain headband. We love both a thicker chain and this thinner one in a double headband. The best part is there are a bunch of different affordable chain headbands to experiment with. 

7. Patterned headband 

Patterned headband

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We love a headband that quite literally is a work of art with various patterns and prints. This takes any simple outside up a notch and is the only accessory you'll need. 

8. Neon headband