Curly hair products to take your texture to the next level

Love them or loathe them, your curls need some extra care if they’re to look their best

curly hair products
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Love them or loathe them, your curls need some extra care if they’re to look their best

Curly hair products that deliver on their promises are hard to find; but they are out there and we've done our homework to find them.

That said, it's a truth universally acknowledged that it's no easy task trying to find exactly what works for your specific hair type. There are so many different curly hairstyles out there, from tight corkscrew curls to looser ringlet styles, that there are almost too many curly hair products to choose from.

Plenty of us battle with the frizzy hair on a daily basis in an attempt to smooth, straighten or even eliminate altogether our natural curl pattern, but we've got a few great hair solutions tucked in our beauty arsenal at Marie Claire HQ. And the good news is, you're guaranteed to find a match that's made in heaven for your hair.

Curly hair rule number one: Invest in a microfibre towel to keep your curls soft, happy and healthy. These bad boys will minimise frizz and breakage while quickly absorbing the water from your hair, allowing it to dry quicker.

Curly hair rule number two: Always use one of the best sulphate-free shampoo to avoid stripping your curls dry. They foam less, but they're better for you in the long run.

Then, be sure to make moisture the number one priority in the rest of your routine, to ensure your curls are nourished and in tip-top condition, 24/7. Argan oil is your friend.

From leave-in conditioners to the best hair masks, shampoos, hair serum and styling products we've got your curls completely covered with the best and most highly recommended curly hair products.

Curly hair, afro hair and natural hair are all having a moment right now (think Solange Knowles and Lupita Nyong'o), so it's time to embrace your natural hair.

So all that remains now is to make your decision as to just how you're going to restyle all those curls.

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