Stuck for Christmas-Day nail ideas? Hailey Bieber's latest manicure design has got you covered

Beibs just made candy cane nails the look of the festive season - and we have the exact products she used

hailey bieber christmas nails
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Hailey Bieber has been the beauty icon of the year. Ever since she debuted her glazed doughnut nails, we've all been keeping an eye on her latest manicures. In fact, 'Hailey Bieber nails' has 403 million views on TikTok. So, as soon as we saw her festive mani, we had to find out all about it. Luckily for us, her manicurist just shared all the details.

This Christmas, Bieber took her original doughnut nail design (a pearlescent sheen over her polish) and turned it into a candy cane glaze for a festive spin. Why haven't we thought of this before?

To kickstart December, we rounded up the 12 Christmas nails you'll actually want to wear this festive season -  and Hailey Bieber's manicure is a great addition to the list.

With a red lip to match the red tip, it reminds me of the red nail theory, and if you haven't tested it out for yourself yet, Beiber's candy cane nails are the design to try it with. 

“The ‘Frenchie’ is a classic. We’ve noticed red tips have been a popular variation this Christmas - it’s an easy way to make your mani festive, in a bold yet sophisticated way!” says Juanita Huber-Millet, Founder & Creative Director at Townhouse. "I would recommend shade ‘Grosvenor Street’ for the base, ‘Great Portland Street’ for the French tip and ‘Calypso Way’ for the line." Huber-Millet suggests. 

“The ‘glazed donut’ look has been the breakout trend of 2022. This design is done with a milky white base and a chrome powder on top, creating a gorgeous shimmery effect. Simple but so chic!" she continues. 

hailey bieber christmas nails

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Get Hailey Bieber's Candy Cane Nails

Now, we all know we need to try candy cane nails as soon as possible, you can recreate them at home or head to one of London's best nail salons. (The Townhouse in Covent Garden is my new favourite). 

Bieber's celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt revealed all the products she used for the look on her Instagram, so give it a go!

1. Prep the nail

Begin by prepping the nail and filing to shape. P.S - Hailey always goes for an almond shape nail - so if you really want her complete look, remember to request this. Or for longer nails, file into a rounded shape and taper off the end as you go. 

2. Apply a base coat

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, was £14.30 now £9.20 | Justmylook

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, was £14.30 now £9.20 | Justmylook
A base coat is a must for a perfect manicure to ensure your festive design stays put for as long as possible. Bieber's manicurist used OPI GelColor Stay Strong Base Coat which is not easy to shop in the UK. So opt for OPI original base coat instead. Or try Mii To Have + To Hold Base Coat.

Making it a gel mani? The Mylee base and top coat duo gel polish will have your nails covered. 

3. Paint the nail

OPI Infinite Shine Funny Bunny Nail Polish, was £15.95 now £10.30 | Justmylook

OPI Infinite Shine Funny Bunny Nail Polish, was £15.95 now £10.30 | Justmylook

Hailey’s manicurist uses Funny Bunny to create the glazed candy cane look. Coat the entire nail in polish starting from cuticle to tip. Leave to dry for a few minutes, and follow with a second coat. 

4. Add the red tip (the candy cane)

OPI Big Apple Red, £14.30 | Lookfantastic

OPI Big Apple Red, £14.30 | Lookfantastic

Hailey Bieber's exact red shade and one of OPI's bestselling shades. If you are looking for something similar but slightly different, Townhouse suggests OPI Great Portland Street as another fab option.

If it is your first time painting a French tip, it may take a few tries to get it Hailey Bieber perfect. But a precision brush will make the line super crisp. 

5. Secure with top coat

Each nail needs a thin layer of top coat. Try the Mylee top coat, or OPI Natural Nail Top Coat the nail can be almost dry before moving on to the next step. 

6. Glaze the nail

The all important step. To get the Hailey Bieber Christmas nail glazed look manicurist Ganzorigt uses the OPI Chrome Effects in Tin Man Can and pats a small amount into the nail. Then for the final step - add another top coat for even more shine, and viola - Christmas ready.

Nailed it.

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