Glossier Pro Tip: the best eyeliner on the planet?

We think so. Here are 5 reasons why Glossier Pro Tip is an immediate 'add to basket' product.
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  • Just when you didn’t think you needed another liquid eyeliner, Glossier Pro Tip comes along.

    Glossier Pro Tip

    Glossier Pro Tip, £15

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    But that’s exactly what Emily Weiss‘ cult brand does so well: it serves up basics but makes them extra, not before harnessing the power of consumer feedback.

    It’s a bit like she snuck a look inside your make-up bag then curated and reinvented your staples to ensure each of them is fast, simple and ‘the one’.

    No wonder every beauty editor is obsessed with Glossier.

    The latest addition to the brand, Glossier Pro Tip is set to storm the internet and Shut. It. Down.

    Glossier Pro Tip

    Glossier Pro Tip, £15

    Here’s why it’s our new ride-or-die product:

    1. Glossier Pro Tip gets straight to the point

    This eyeliner pen has a needle-fine paintbrush tip for drawing on perfectly precise cat-eye wings. Factor in a ball shaker and the formula glides over lids without snagging, making smooth lines easy.

    2. It won’t end up on your brow bone

    To say Glossier Pro Tip is long-wear is an understatement. It sets in about 0.2 seconds and stays put for 12 hours so you can’t sweat or smudge it off, no matter how high the humidity or how many spins you’ve taken on the dancefloor.

    Put simply, this eyeliner is bulletproof.

    3. It’s the blackest black of the blacks

    Enough said.

    4. The millennial pink packaging

    Not only is it in tune with the cool-girl beauty aesthetic Instagram eats up, but Glossier’s pink pantone has enough stand out to spot from a mile away.

    5. Glossier Pro Tip will make people like you

    No, seriously. By getting that jet black pigment up close to your lashes, Glossier Pro Tip makes them look instantly thicker and your eyes bigger.

    According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the impression of wide, defined eyes awakens affectionate and benevolent behaviour in others because it is ‘positively correlated with perceptions of…naivety, honesty, kindness, and warmth.’



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