We're witnessing a British perfume renaissance—these 8 brands deserve a permanent place in your collection

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British perfume brands
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The world is filled with some of the most beautiful fragrances, but there's something about British perfume brands that feels extra special right now. In fact, throughout 2023 we've seen the UK lead the way when it comes to fragrance, not just in terms of the brands, but also our trendsetting tastes. 

When Marie Claire UK's Executive Beauty Editor, Shannon, recently sat down with world-renowned perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, even he touched on this British perfume renaissance. "I think Britain has something that makes it very interesting. It's more of a major market than it used to be because, for some reason, at some point the tradition of British perfumery got washed out. To me, right now, there is some sort of British revival. It's a combination of something very specific that we don't have in the rest of Europe and that you don't see in the US—it's a specific taste that combines something very voluptuous, sensual and warm, with something that is almost dishevelled. It's something very specific," he told her.

Aside from being responsible for some of the most popular perfumes out there, British perfume brands encompass the delights of Britain through marrying rich history with forward-thinking, unique blends that you just won't find elsewhere. 

To help you search for your next perfume, we've rounded up 8 of the best British perfume brands; celebrating both legacy houses and more niche brands that you might not have heard of yet. Oh, and it goes without saying you'll likely find some royal-favourite perfumes here, too. 

1. Jo Malone London

Jo Malone

(Image credit: Jo Malone)

Perhaps the most iconic of them all, Jo Malone London is a household name known for its British roots. Inspired by the British landscape—one spritz of English Pear and Freesia Cologne is enough to transport you to the lush English countryside—and created in South Downs and Hampshire, 97% of its products are made here in the UK. The classics never fail to let us down, but we also love the limited editions too. 

2. Floral Street

Floral Street

(Image credit: Floral Street)

Floral Street is an independent British brand founded by beauty powerhouse Michelle Feeney, and is built on values of beautiful, accessible and sustainable fragrances, where there's truly something for everyone. The brand was the first in fragrance to house bottles in pulp cartons, so you'll find no plastic cellophane wrapped around your scent. Plus, ingredients are sustainably sourced with all fragrances being completely vegan and cruelty-free. Shop diffusers, candles and room sprays in your favourite scent too.  

3. Jo Loves 

Jo Loves

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Jo Loves was founded in 2011 by Jo Malone CBE, created 5 years after selling her namesake fragrance brand in 1999 and leaving as creative director in 2006. It's a perfume, bath, body and candle collection—which includes innovative perfume paintbrushes— inspired by Malone's treasured memories and moments. Jo Loves scents are meticulously created without losing any sense of fun and joy. 

4. Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Jayne

(Image credit: Ormonde Jayne)

A London-based perfumer founded by Linda Pilkington in 2000, Ormonde Jayne is a punchy brand with punchy, rich smelling perfumes. Starting life as a candle company before delving into the world of perfume, Ormonde Jayne is inspired by cultures around the globe, representing a modern-day Britain to create unique, beautiful scents.  

5. To The Fairest 

To The Fairest - british perfumes

(Image credit: To The Fairest)

To The Fairest is an independent British Perfumer founded in 2018 by Rebecca Rose working alongside perfumer Penny Williams. Comprising some of our favourite niche perfumes, there are just four scents to choose from, making them special and blended with care. Each of the scents comes in a matching body oil and candle, so you can fill your home with your favourite fragrance.  

6. Penhaligon's 


(Image credit: Penhaligon's)

If ever there was a prize for beautifully combining fragrance with storytelling, Penhaligon's would win first place. Founded 1870 by William Penhaligon, the brand has continued to be a favourite since. Holding a Royal Warrant and with fragrances loved by many famous faces, including late Princess Diana's favourite scent, Bluebell, each perfume is an exceptional as the next. Can't decide which to buy? Try the brand's adorable Tiddly Whiffs to get a sample of best-sellers. 

7. Tom Daxon 

Tom Daxon British perfumes

(Image credit: Tom Daxon)

Tom Daxon is a British fragrance brand founded in 2013 by Tom Daxon Bowers. It was created in Grasse, considered the perfume capital of the world, as a collaboration between the Chabert family of perfumers and Tom. All scents are unisex (though, of course, the same could be said for any fragrance; you do you). Particular favourites include Midnight Saffron, a blend of lavender, saffron and amber woods, which is as unique as it sounds; made to be the total opposite of sleepy lavender. And Laconia, inspired by fresh lemonade to be worn both during sunny holidays as well as during grey wintery weather. 

Make sure you also check out Gloved by Tom Daxon for some of the best smelling hand care around.  

8. Floris

Floris British perfumes

(Image credit: Floris)

Founded in 1730, Floris has remained a family-run business at the heart of 89 Jermyn Street in London for nearly 300 years. There's no doubting that Floris has one of the most special histories that's rooted in English heritage, passed down nine generations. Using the finest English ingredients with original handwritten formulas, the brand has managed to stay true to its rich history while also being forward-thinking to keep perfumes feeling fresh and relevant. 

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