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These are the best tips from the Fabled Beauty Rituals panel

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  • Get ready to be your best you

    To mark Marie Claire UK’s 30th birthday, we have launched our Womankind campaign, hosting a series of trailblazing events to inspire and motivate us in all areas of our life.

    This week saw the third Womankind event in the series, which was held at Fabled by Marie Claire’s store in London’s Tottenham Court Road, the ultimate destination for premium and unique beauty brands.

    In front of a packed audience, the evening saw Marie Claire Deputy Editor, Andrea Thompson, host a panel of woman that included Marie Claire’s very own Senior Beauty Editor Fiona Embleton, consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto and author, podcast host and beauty blogger Estée Lalonde.

    Our incredible panel discussed the night’s theme of beauty rituals and being your best you, and we came away not only loving ourselves, but confident in how we can feel our most radiant 24/7.

    With each panellist focussing on different aspects of to feel your best, every member of the audience left with tips, tricks, mantras and motivations of how to get the best out of life and themselves, whatever their age.

    Here’s what we learned from our incredible panellists:

    Dr Anjali Mahto

    Dr Anjali Mahto is a consultant dermatologist. She treats and is an expert in a range of skin problems, including acne and psoriasis, as well as being an expert in injectables (botox and fillers). Dr Mahto is also a spokeswoman for the British Skin Foundation.

    Dr Mahto on ageing

    ‘After the age of 25, you lose 1% of your collagen per year …. about 80% of the signs of ageing is because of the sun’

    Dr Mahto’s beauty rituals tips

    • ‘Use an SPF
    • Use retinol
    • Use AHAs’

    Dr Mahto on adult acne

    ‘More and more people are developing acne after the age of 23. We don’t know exactly what is causing it… it’s not just down to hormones and genetics.

    Dr Mahto on when to start anti-ageing products

    ‘The best age to start with anti-ageing products is probably 25 to 30. If you have very fair skin, I would probably start closer to 25′

    Fiona Embleton

    Fiona Embleton is an award-winning beauty journalist and Marie Claire’s Senior Beauty Editor. Prior to joining Marie Claire, Fiona worked on titles including Stylist, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan.

    Fiona’s skincare routine advice

    ‘I think a good routine is finding what’s good for you and using it consistently… it is navigating what works for you’

    Fiona on the benefits of Vitamin C

    ‘Vitamin C is great for kind of giving your skin a kind of a glow’

    Fiona’s tips for city dwellers

    ‘Living in the city or working in the city, antioxidants play a key role’

    A common beauty routine error

    ‘A big mistake is they apply their eye cream last in their routine’

    Fiona’s beauty rituals secret

    ‘If you’re going to invest in any skincare product it has to be a serum… a serum actually gets deep down into your skin’

    Estée Lalonde

    Estée Lalonde is a Canadian writer and YouTuber, who makes weekly lifestyle and beauty videos while talking openly and honestly about her life and motivations. She released her debut book in 2016 and launched her podcast series, The Heart Of It, last year.

    Estée on her journey to becoming a beauty blogger

    ‘When I was a teenager I didn’t know anything about skincare… even after all these years I truly feel like I’m learning so much’

    Estée on her beauty motivations

    ‘I’m also so passionate about what beauty can do for people and how it can make them feel’

    The three products Estée can’t live without

    My favourite face mask that I always feel cleanses my skin is the Fresh Umbrian clay facemask… I can’t live without serum – right now I’m using a brand called Gallinée and I love rosehip oil’

    Estée on the power of social media

    ‘I’m just fascinated about all the Instagram trends, it’s amazing if somebody puts on a purple eyeliner it could be a huge trend the next day’

    Estée’s advice for budding beauty bloggers

    ‘I think things have changed so much since I started. The main thing is consistency and remember that all the successful beauty bloggers you see didn’t start like this…If you don’t comment on people’s posts and you don’t go to events no one will ever discover you. Try to be something unique: what can you offer that isn’t out there? It’s always interesting if you’re doing something different’

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