The best fragrance travel kits ever

Never be without your fave fragrance with these ultra cute travel kits

Never be without your fave fragrance with these ultra cute travel kits

A little bird once told us finding the right fragrance is almost as hard as finding the right man. Which sounds about right if we're being totally honest...

Scent can remind you of a loved one, past time or a place. Fragrance, unashamedly is one of our biggest splurges and what better time to feed your fragrance addiction with some gorgeous travel kits so you can smell and feel a million dollars wherever.

If you're a true fragrance aficionado then you probably know this already. We get a bit giddy when a new fragrance launches: from the new scent, to the got-to-have-it bottle followed by an ad that makes us very excited (a little bit like this one).

Fragrance is very much down to personal choice, but we've all tried/splurged on a few until we've found our fave... That's our excuse anyway! A good fragrance makes you feel confident, sexy and ready to face the day, which is why we rarely leave the house without it. The sometimes hefty price tag is justified by the cost per spritz and how it makes you feel pre first date (yikes.)

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Whether you've got a sophisticated sweet nose, love something masculine or prefer fragrance to be more intense - there is a travel set for everyone. If your favourite thing to do is spend a fun weekend away, don't be without your signature scent by buying some minis that slip effortlessly into your bag, purse or suitcase. Best friends hen? Check. Gift for your mad Aunty? Check. First weekend away with Bae from Tinder? Triple check. Take a look at these sets and prepare to fall in love. We've got sets that seduce, energize, invigorate and inspire.

These make the perfect gifts but we can't promise you won't end up keeping them for yourself. *Cue buying them all*

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