The top 10 beauty products celebrity make-up artists can't live without

They've got a world of products at their finger tips but what do these pro make-up artists always keep in their kit?

beauty products celebrity makeup artists can't live without

They've got a world of products at their finger tips but what do these pro make-up artists always keep in their kit?

What bigger accolade could there be for a product than for a celebrity make-up artist who paints faces for a living to recommend it?

In our opinion, none, which is why we've picked the brains of the top Hollywood and celebrity make-up artists around to find out what their all-time favourite products are and get their insider tricks on how to use it.

Keep scrolling to see our definitive list of the top ten make-up products, as recommended by the pros...

Make-up Artist Kenneth Soh

Instagram: @kennethsohmakeup

What's your favourite product?

Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is a must-have in my kit because of the combination of essential oils that provide an uplifting aromatherapeutic effect, but also because it helps to set make-up and give complexion a healthy glow. It’s perfect for anyone with an uneven skin tone or texture.

Shop now: Caudalie Beauty Elixir for £12 from Caudalie

What's your number one application tip?

You can either apply directly to clean skin or spritz a Beauty Blender with the Elixir and then use to apply the foundation and concealer directly to skin.

Which celebrities have you worked on?

Sienna Miller, Rosie Hungtington-Whiteley, Laverne Cox, Naomie Harris

Make-up Artist Lisa Potter Dixon

Instagram: @lisapotterdixon

Benefit They're real

What's your favourite product?

‘Mascara! Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara is my fave. It instantly makes you look more awake, makes your eyes look bigger and (let’s be honest) just makes us all feel a bit better. Mascara was the first make-up product I ever bought, along with a coffee coloured shimmer lipstick!’ says Lisa Potter-Dixon, Benefit Cosmetics Head Make-up Artist and Brow Expert.

Shop now: Benefit's They're Real Mascara for £25.76 from Amazon

What's your number one application tip?

To make lashes look extra long and help eyes appear more almond shaped, hold the wand parallel and, starting at the roots, wiggle the wand along the lashes, flicking out at the corner of the eyes.

Which celebrities have you worked on?

Gabriella Aapli, Angela Scalon, Sienna Miller, Chaka Khan

Make-up Artist Andrew Gallimore

Instagram: @andrewgallimakeup

nars black valley

What's your favourite make-up product of all time?

I think my all time favourite make-up product is one of the first NARS products I used, the Black Valley Eye Paint. I love that the pigment is really dense, pitch-black and for being so versatile. I use it as eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow definer and for any linear graphic work I do. It also stays in place for hours.

Shop now: NARS Black Valley Eye Paint for £18.50 from John Lewis

Any tips on how to use it?

I normally apply it with an eyeliner brush even if I’m using it as a shadow. I’d apply it first with a liner brush and then buff if into a smoky eye with a eyeshadow blender brush. Once you allow it to dry, it won’t budge till you remove it with cleanser. It’s great if you need the make-up to be long-wearing and also works well as a base for other powder eyeshadows. I even like to use it as a longwear inner-eye liner, just dry off your waterline with a cotton bud and stroke it on afterwards, so it’s great for tightlining your top lashline. It’s very versatile.

How old were you when you first started doing make-up?

Well one of my first memories is pulling myself up in my cot against my Mum's dressing table, dragging over her basket of make up and smearing lipstick all over myself - not sure if that counts! Other than that, I was around 18 when I first started (very naively) doing make-up for my own work and for friends projects at Art school. I didn't start taking it seriously until the end of University and even then it was still done very naively.

What celebrities have you worked on?

Beth Ditto, Pamela Anderson, Bjork, Gwendoline Christie and Kylie Minogue.

Make-up Artist Terry Barber

Instagram: @terrybarberonbeauty

What is your favourite make-up product you're using at the moment and why?

I'm obsessed with skin looking real but utterly enhanced, the type that you would like to pretend is skincare alone. It's what I call 'The Skin' and I use MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation to create it.

What's your number one tip on how to apply?

The key to creating different looks is using the right tool. For denser coverage use a sponge or a brush. At shows I use it on all the models to make a veil of colour over their bodies. People don't realise how much attention MUA's pay to the skin on the body as well as the skin on the face.

Describe your favourite look you’ve ever created?

I guess my favourite look was a gold brow, punk eye and red lip that did on Grace Jones for a V Magazine cover shot by the legendary Jean Paul Goude. The image became pretty iconic which doesn’t happen often in your career so it was a defining moment for me.

Which celebrities have you worked with?

I've been lucky enough to work with some real legends like Grace Jones, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross, Mary J Blige, Pamela Anderson and Annie Lennox.

Make-up Artist Sascha Jackson

Instagram: @sascha_stilapro

Shop now: Stila Heaven's Hue Highlighter in shade Kitten for £28 from Cult Beauty

What's your favourite make-up product of all time?

My favourite make-up product would have to be Stila's Heavens Hue Highlighter in the shade Kitten. It gives the most subtle light reflecting sheen to the skin and the texture is like nothing else I've ever used - its ethereal.

Any tips on how to apply it?

I love using the highlighter as an eyeshadow and it's fabulous used on the body too, especially the legs for a healthy glow. Use a big fluffy brush and sweep down the centre of the legs and on the decolletage and across the shoulders. If you want to intensify the glow use a damp beautyblender to apply.

How old were you when you first started doing make-up?

Probably about three! I used to rummage through my mum's make-up bag and loved trying on shadows and lipsticks and I've never looked back since. I always believe it's important to be passionate about what you do, I knew from such a young age that I wanted to be in the make-up industry, if I wasn't an MUA I have no idea what I'd be doing now.

Make-up Artist Hung Vanngo

Instagram: @hungvanngo

Marc jacobs major volume

Shop now: Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara for £33 from Amazon

What's your favourite product?

My number one make-up product of all time is Marc Jacobs Major Volume Mascara. It gives you the thickest lashes with just one coat and stays in place once applied thanks to the smudge free creamy wax and gel formula. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and the best thing is if you want extra volume you can easily layer it up for added impact.

Which celebrities have you worked on?

Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez, Kate Bosworth, Taylor Hill, Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lawrence

Make-up Artist Lisa Eldridge

Instagram: @lisaeldridgemakeup

Laura Mercier secret camofluage concealer

What's your favourite product?

It would have to be concealer. I've had Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer in my handbag and professional make-up kit for years. I like it because it's such a good multi-tasker.

Shop now: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage for £28.88 from Amazon

What's your number one application tip?

There are so many – Secret Camouflage can be used in so many different ways, as a straight forward pin point concealer to disguise blemishes, as a base (moisturise your skin really well and then apply lightly with a buffing brush) and also as an under eye concealer. As it was quite a dry texture so mixes well with light reflective eye creams and highlighters.

Which celebrities have you worked on?

Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson, Cara Delevingne

Make-up Artist Jillian Dempsey

Instagram: @jilliandempsey

JILLIAN dempsey lid tint

What make-up product are you loving using at the moment?

It would have to be the Lid Tint in shade Dew from my own range. It's clear with a satiny finish and you can use it in so many different ways – it should live in everyone's make-up bag.

Shop now: Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint in Dew for £24.50 from Beauty Mart

Are there any unusual ways you can use it?

On your eyelids it gives that really cool glow that everyone loves at the moment. It has just the right amount of sheen that's not too sticky and is really easy to apply too - it's definitely a 'swipe and go' kind of application. It can be used as a highlighter too by dabbing it on your upper cheek bones and across the lips.

How old were you when you first started doing make-up?

I've always painted and used my hands so been quite practical in that way. I started doing make-up on my friends aged 14, I was always the friend who did everyone's makeovers. The first time I was officially hired as a professional though wasn't until I was 22.

Do you have a favourite make-up look you've created?

That's such a hard question to answer, but I did love working with Kristen Stewart and photographer Tom Munro. We shot Kristen with two looks - both had a mannequin like quality and one was male one was female.

Which celebrity clients have you worked with?

Kate Winslet, Emilia Clarke, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst

Make-up Artist Tania Grier

Instagram: @taniagrier

What's your favourite make-up product you're using at the moment and why?

It would have to be the Instant Éclat by Sisley Paris. Before I started using this I would have to blend at least two or three to create the type of dewy skin look I'm obsessed with and now I don't have to do all of that because Instant Éclat manages to master it in just one tube. It's my dream skin combo that's lightweight, with a peachy gold hue and adapts to all skin tones for a long lasting finish. You can use it to strobe and lift your cheekbones too - it's like supermodel skin in a bottle.

Shop now: Sisley Instant Eclat Primer for £54 from John Lewis

Are there any unusual places you can apply it?

My favourite way to use it is either by mixing a few drops with your moisturiser or applying it after your foundation. If you want to strobe with it, pop a pea sized amount onto the back of your hand, the bridge of your nose, the highest part of the cheekbones and the centre of the chin and blend in. I even add some to models' collarbones and hands if we're shooting.

Which celebrities have you worked with?

Poppy Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse, Emma Thompson, Adwoa Aboah, Jemima Khan and Charlotte Olympia.

Make-up Artist Caroline Barnes


Shop now: Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara for £9.99 from Boots

What's your favourite make-up product you're using at the moment?

I truly think this is the best mascara money can buy. It's good value and still manages to deliver on volume, length and durability, so once you've applied it will stay on all day. It's definitely a cult product.

Do you have any tricks you use when you're applying mascara?

The number one thing to remember about good mascara is it needs to have a good base. You want to build up layers of the mascara and there is actually a best shape to apply your mascara in too. For the best effect you want to think of your lash in the shape of a prism. You'll want to apply a thick amount of mascara at the root and thin and delicately near the tips but making sure that the whole lash is coated. Often people make the mistake of only applying to the root or the tips. If you want to go for a wide-eyed look use on both your top and bottom lashes, or if you're feeling tired just apply to the top lashes for a lift.

If you weren't a make-up artist what would you be doing?

I would have loved to have been a musical theatre actress, but I'm tone deaf so that wouldn't work. Or maybe a paramedic - you know, helping people - but in a slightly different way!

Which celebrity clients have you worked with?

Diane Kruger, Rebecca Ferguson, Anna Friel, Naomi Campbell, Rochelle Humes.

Charlotte Clark