The best face oils that will completely transform your complexion

There's a perfect face oil for EVERY skin type (yes, really)

As a rule, the best face oils are your one-way ticket to a glowing, healthy complexion – whatever your skin type.

Although it seems counter-intuitive to apply oil to a complexion that is already naturally shiny, the right one can and will in fact regulate your skin’s oil production. It’s just a case of knowing your onions.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the beauty industry far and wide to bring you a curated round up of the right oils for every skin type, to make your life that little bit easier.

Contrary to popular belief, dry skin doesn’t necessarily need ‘hydrating’. You could have completely adequate levels of water in your skin and it’ll still be flakier than puff pastry, just as oily skin can still be dehydrated and crying out for a water boost. Dry skin needs moisture, usually in the form of a thick oil it can soak up in a matter of minutes.

That’s not to say that oily complexions need to avoid oil completely, though (another commonly-held belief). You need oils that have low comedogenic ratings of 0, 1 or 2 at a push, meaning they won’t clog pores. Oils such as Argan, Kukui, Camellia, rosehip, Calendula and almond are your friends here.

So whether you’ve wind-whipped dry skin because you’re the outdoorsy type, struggle with a blemish-prone complexion or go through periods of having skin that’s duller than dishwater, one of the best face oils can – and will – remedy your biggest skin concerns. Find the right one for you in our guide below.

Best face oils for dry skin

Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate, £38, Space NK

best face oils Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate

While those with oily skin may want to avoid applying oils in the morning – they’ll take longer to absorb as your skin isn’t crying out for moisturse – dry complexions will soak an indulgent oil up in no time. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate is an everyday oil that repairs and keeps the skin soft.

The key ingredients are sunflower botanical oil, which strengthens the skin’s barrier, and Tamanu to soothe the skin. An effective daytime treatment, it really isn’t a surprise that both the Day and Night versions are bestsellers for the brand.

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Best face oils for acne

Bobbi Brown Skin Clarifier, £29.50, Fabled

best face oils Bobbi Brown Skin Clarifier

Again, applying an oil to acne seems a bit outrageous, considering that it’s caused by inflamed and clogged pores. But not all oils were created equal, and non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) oils are perfectly safe to use on any complexion without spotty consequences. Both Sea Buckthorn and rosehip oils in this formula are non-comedogenic, and our good friend salicylic acid works to clean out pores.

While results will vary from person to person, you should notice a marked difference after four weeks of applying a couple of drops to your face every day – apply in the evening if you’re worried about it taking ages to absorb.

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Best face oil for oily skin

Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, £68, Net-A-Porter

best face oils Sunday Riley UFO

All of Sunday Riley’s oils are excellent and although you’ve probably heard all about LUNA, those with oily skin should make U.F.O. their first port of call. As oils go, this one is very lightweight – aside from the greasy finish (for want of a better word) that characterises an oil, when you squeeze it out of the pipette it’s incredibly fluid. Don’t let the bright green put you off though, as even oily skin will lap it up – with a 1.5% concentration of salicylic acid to help decongest pores.

We love the slightly medicinal scent, which is down to the tea tree and licorice, combined with a comforting smell not dissimilar to baby oil. Pricey, but worth every single penny.

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Best face oils for combination skin

ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil, £45, Fabled

best face oils Elemis Superfood

Your parents always nagged you to eat your greens, but we bet you’d not considered slathering them all over your face as part of your skincare routine. ELEMIS has a few face oil offerings in its stocks, but the Superfood oil is a firm favourite at MC. It’s packed with the goodness of broccoli, radish and Flax seeds and a good all-rounder treatment oil, making it an ideal choice for combination skin. Put on before bed and expect to wake with a healthy glow.

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