Obsessed: The three beauty products our Beauty Editor needs you to know about in August

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    Each month I will be regaling you with tales of my three favourite products du jour. Or should that be du mois?  In my line of work, with product after product arriving at my door in the arms of impatient couriers, it takes something truly special to stand out from the crowd. Wallflowers need not apply; this list is reserved solely for the products that stop me in my tracks. Are you ready? Here we go…

    1. SwearBySkin LookLit LED Mask, £75 | SwearBySkin

    SwearBySkin LookLit LED Mask

    The use of LED in skincare is no new thing. And at-home LED devices are also not revolutionary. However, what I love about this one is its affordability. In the past I’ve road-tested some super spenny LED face masks – one that even retails for £430. This beauty costs £75 and it has made my bank balance and my skin very, very happy. There’s a red setting for when I’m feeling old – it encourages collagen and elastin production. I use the blue light when I have a raging spot, because it reduces oil and bacteria to stop zits in their path. And then finally there’s the yellow light, which not only tackles pigmentation but also boosts lympathic drainage. I use that one when I’m a little puffy (read: hungover). Just 10 minutes each day is all that’s needed. I pop it on first thing whilst I’m sat having my morning coffee, or right before I turn off the light before bed.

    2. Nette Fons et Origo Candle, £60 | Selfridges

    Nette Fons et Origo Candle

    I am a sucker for luxury candles. But I do that stupid thing where I stock pile them and ‘save them for best’. What on earth constitutes ‘best’ for candles? Maybe a smart dinner? An extravagant party? Neither of which I have done in a very, very long time. So my candle etiquette is completely ridiculous. But guess what? I didn’t do that with this candle. Its scent was so hypnotic when I opened the box, that I instantly lit it. I got a whiff of jasmine mixed with green leave, mixed with sandalwood, mixed with patchouli. It’s fresh, yet rich. This candle isn’t for storage or purely display, it’s meant to fill a room with glorious fragrance. And that’s exactly what I intend to do with it.

    3. Armani Neo Nude Melting Color Balm, £32 | Lookfantastic

    Armani Beauty Neo Nude Melting Color Balm

    We must talk about the texture of this eyeshadow-cum-cheek product. It’s completely divine. It’s so different to anything I’ve ever tried before. It feels slightly wet, but it’s not a liquid. More of a gel. Each shade is a perfect muted tone of bronze. It glides onto my eyelids leaving behind a matte wash of colour and melts into the hollows of my cheek bones to sculpt my face. An absolute make-up bag must-have. I am obsessed.

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