Twenty-somethings scan 27 media sources an hour

People in their twenties switch between media sources dramatically faster than older generations, according to new research.

Twenty-somethings switch between electronic devices and media platforms every two minutes, a new study has revealed.

The study, conducted by Boston’s Innerscope Research found that young people or ‘digital natives’ scanned around 27 different sources an hour. This was ten times more than the ‘digital immigrants’, who had learned to use mobile technology as adults.

300 hours of intensive bio monitoring was conducted. The participants wore glasses embedded with cameras that recorded which medium or platform they were using and how long they spent on it.

Digital natives carried their devices from room to room and over half said they preferred texting to talking in person.

The findings could mean trouble for advertisers who need to keep up with the demands of the younger generation.

‘Storytellers and marketers in this digital age will continue to face an increasingly complex environment with a higher bar for engaging an audience of consumers,’ says Innerscope Research CEO Carl Marci.


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