This is how Meryl Streep stole the show at last night’s Oscars

Yes, Meryl!

They might as well just shut down the Oscars 2017, because Meryl Streep just won at everything.

The 89th Academy Awards had barely started before Jimmy Kimmel praised the actress in his intro speech.

Jimmy joked that Meryl was ‘totally undeserving’ of her 20th Oscar nomination, a clear dig at Donald Trump‘s tweet calling Meryl ‘overrated’.

Jimmy then urged Meryl to stand up and take a bow. And not only did she oblige, but so did the rest of the crowd.

The likes of Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Viola Davis, Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel all gave her a standing ovation, and she took it like the modest pro that she is.

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A f**k you to Donald Trump if every there was one. Meryl, out.

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