Meryl Streep helping Ryan Gosling tie his bow tie at the SAG awards 2017 is everything

This is too much.

This is too much.

The SAG awards 2017 was an impressive event with powerful political speeches, stunning red carpet looks and a host of surprise wins, with Fences picking up Best Actor and Hidden Figures winning Best Ensemble.

The winners of the sweetest SAG awards 2017 moment, however, goes to Ryan Gosling and Meryl Streep.

The A-list pair were caught on camera sharing what is quite possibly the sweetest award show moment ever when Florence Foster Jenkins nominee Meryl helped fix La La Land nominee Ryan’s bow tie.

The photo has (understandably) gone viral, exploding on Twitter and Instagram, giving everyone friendship goals for life.

Ryan spoke out about how much he liked 17-time SAG award nominee Meryl in a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, explaining how he owed Meryl a favour, after she did him one at a past awards show where he took his mum as his date.

‘My mum was convinced by her friend that beehives were going to be all the rage and that if you didn’t have a beehive you’d feel embarrassed,’ he explained. ‘Well it turned out to be the opposite, it was a natural hair vibe that year, and my mum sat in front of Rachel Weisz and her hair was so high that Rachel had to keep leaning to see, and my mum kept sinking into her chair and I didn’t know what to do because I wanted her to have a nice night.’ He continued: ‘I didn’t know Meryl Streep but she was sitting next to me and in the commercial break I said, “would you mind just telling my mum that you like her hair?” and she was like “I’ve got this” and then in the commercial break she said to my mum ‘Do you know I was going to do a beehive and I wish I had.”’

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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