Cindy Crawford faces criticism from PETA

Cindy Crawford outrages PETA members by wearing fur in Russian Vogue magazine

CINDY CRAWFORD HAS ANGERED animal rights group PETA by appearing on the cover of November’s Russian Vogue wearing a full-length fur coat. The supermodel was previously a spokesperson for the organisations anti-fur message, and had even signed a document vowing that she would never wear fur.

This is the second time that the 41-year old supermodel has upset the group, as in 2004 she starred in a campaign for mink fur label Blackgama.

PETA members have spoken of their outrage at Crawford’s behavior, commenting, ‘What a wretched and sad excuse for a human being. I think she’s an ugly person and a washed-up, withered, mole-faced hag whose career was over 10 years ago. Go away Cindy, no one cares about you anymore. People who wear fur are just disgusting and vile.’

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