Liam Payne reveals his son’s middle name (and we love it)

So unusual

After revealing that initially he wasn’t set on his son’s first name, Liam Payne has now let slip the middle name, too.

Cheryl gave birth to baby Bear at the end of March, and it took them so long to come up with the ‘right’ name for their son that they ended up facing a fine.

While chatting to some fans in Boston while promoting his new single, Strip That Down, Liam announced that his son’s middle name is ‘Grey’.

Points to Cheryl and Liam for their originality, as that makes their first child’s full name ‘Bear Grey Payne.’ We’re pretty sure there’s no-one else in the world with that name.

According to The Mirror, one fan was bold enough to ask who Liam thought would win dad of the year: him, or fellow One Direction member Louis Tomlinson (who became a father last year). ‘I haven’t had enough time [yet]!’ Liam reportedly joked back.

We’re already speculating what he and Cheryl would call their second child…

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