Cheryl and Liam Payne had the most adorable 'meet the baby' party

Those cupcakes though.

Those cupcakes though.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

Cheryl and Liam kept their pregnancy stealthily under wraps, and since welcoming their baby boy to the world six weeks ago they've continued to keep their private life private.

A few days after giving birth Cheryl shared a cute picture of new dad, Liam, holding the little boy we now know as Bear Payne, but the couple have not been spotted out and about since his arrival - not even to register his birth, which could actually end up costing them in fines.

But where the famous pair have been guarded about giving any information away, their friends and family have been sharing pictures all over Snapchat and Instagram and it looks as though Chiam have thrown an epic 'meet the baby' party.

Over the weekend Liam's best friend, Andy Samuels and Cheryl's brother, Garry Tweedy, were just a couple of the guests invited to their luxury Surrey home to wet the baby's head, and it looks like everyone was having a good time.


There were also some adorable cupcakes made in honour of baby Bear, and they look tasty as.


Neither Cheryl nor Liam shared any snaps from the event on their own social media, continuing to fly under the radar while they spend time with their little one.

But what a way to welcome little Bear to the world!

We'll just assume our invite got lost in the post...

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