Don’t Bother Dieting Until You Hit 32, Apparently…

The optimum age to start dieting is 32, according to a new study.

Don’t bother to start dieting until you’re 32. That’s the latest word on the diet grapevine.

According to a new study, by supplement Forza, turning the milestone age of 30 is the biggest influence in beginning a diet.

Having asked 1,000 people when they’re most likely to start dieting and stick to it, 32 was hailed as the ideal age.

Apparently, a combination of ditching the party lifestyle of one’s 20s, getting married and trying to lose baby weight saw people in their early 30s being the most successful at dieting. But, the good intentions stopped at 40, with people saying they’re less concerned about their appearance at that age.

There you have it. Don’t bother dieting unless you’re 32. Apparently…

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