How to double your days off work this year

You can get 18 days off work in a row for the price of 9 (oh hello)

Next year is almost here and with another 365 days on the horizon, we all let our mind wander into how it’s going to be ours for the taking.

Whether it’s nailing your position at work, changing careers completely, finding love online (or in IRL) or going on that adventure of a lifetime, we’ve all daydreamed from our desk about what 2017 will bring.

So, it’s also no surprise that the super organised of us, who somehow took the time to budget and plan, are already thinking about their big holidays next year. First off, we applaud you. Secondly, you might want to consider doing this fail-proof plan using the bank holiday days of 2017 to make the most of your annual leave.

Thanks to the perfect alignment of bank holidays next year, you can literally get 18 days off in exchange for nine of your holiday days. So, trust us and book holiday from April 18 to 28 because you won’t regret it.

This way, you can book your holiday from April 14 and come back on May 1 because you actually won’t be back at your desk until May 2. You’ll basically have beaten the system completely by having an 18 day holiday that will consist of three bank holiday days, six weekend days and only nine official working days. Hoorah!

Bank holidays 2017

New Year’s Day – January 2
Good Friday – April 14
Easter Monday – April 17
May Bank Holiday – May 1
Spring Bank Holiday – May 29
Summer Bank Holiday – August 28

And, if your colleagues beat you to this, don’t fret as you’ll have another chance to be an annual leave rogue at Christmas.

Christmas Day is on a Monday which means Boxing Day is on the Tuesday and then New Year’s Day is the following Monday so if you book off December 27 – 29, you’ll get ten days off in a row (December 23 – January 1), for the cost of two.

See, 2017 is already looking a little brighter right?

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