Best face oils: 12 of the best buys for radiant skin all year round

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Face oils for every skin tone and budget...

Oily or not, all complexions can benefit from using the right face oil. In fact, some would say that face oils are a skincare essential and your one-way ticket to luminous skin. It’’s simply a case of finding the right one for you. And that’’s where we come in (or take our sister site Powder’s face oil quiz to find the perfect one for you).

Alongside the obvious benefits (think serious hydration), face oils can completely transform your overall skin tone. And give you dewy, radiant skin that’’s healthy looking all year round. Plus, anything with anti-ageing properties is well worth a look and often worth the investment too.

Plant extract and antioxidant ingredients are ideal for those with sensitive skin and can provide gentle nourishment, without feeling overly heavy. But, be sure to stick to lightweight formulas if you’’re looking for a night oil. You don’t want to end up with a stained pillow case. Omega oils also work to plump the skin, while smoothing fine lines and ultimately create a more youthful complexion. And they sink in quickly. Sometimes even faster than the best moisturiser.

Price-wise, we recommend spending that little bit more. When used often, and chosen wisely, the benefits are well worth the investment. One of our top picks has to be Clarins Face Oil. Easy to apply, lightweight and nourishing,– this is a great starting point. And it won’t break the bank.

Those looking for something a little more heavy duty should look to Sisley and Bobbi Brown, where luxury ingredients come together to create the most indulgent formulas on the market to date. Origins’ Argan Oil formula is ideal for soothing and repairing too. And it’s a little more accessible price-wise.

Should you be looking to really splash out, ILA is the way to go. Packed full of essential fatty acids, this rose-scented face oil is about as luxury as it gets. And it will be a treat for your skin every day of the week.

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