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The best eyeshadow palettes to totally transform your make-up game

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We put the best to the test, so you don't have to

Your search for your perfect eyeshadow ends here. We’ve done the dirty work for you and trawled the beauty market to find the best eyeshadow palettes that money can buy.

At the moment, everyone is talking about the newly-released Naked Heat Palette from Urban Decay. It’s the first new Naked palette for over two years, so naturally its arrival has caused quite a stir among make-up addicts and beauty bloggers alike. Complete with 12 matte and shimmery shades, it’s guaranteed to turn up the heat on your make-up game this summer.

For a compact palette that’s great for on-the-go, try one of Charlotte Tilbury’s trusty Luxury Palettes. Not only do the four shades in each boast excellent pigment intensity and staying power, but with the handy guide you can create a day or night time look in just a few easy steps. MAC’s professional grade eyeshadow palettes are also tiny enough to fit in a handbag, boasting several shades, and they regularly make an appearance in our edit of the best MAC makeup deals around.

If you want long-lasting colour, get a cream eyeshadow. They glide on with ease before setting in place. The result? Crease-free colour that lasts all night. And if you want serious staying power, dust a powder pigment over the top. Not only will it last you until the morning, it’ll provide you with richer colour.

If you want to combine or blend more than one colour, use a powder formula. They’re perfect for creating smokey eye make-up looks. Plus, they can be worn sheer or packed on for a bold look. All you need to do is sweep across your eyelid and then follow up with what you consider to be the best mascara. After all, the best is really the only way to go when you’re buying make-up.

Need to brighten your eyes? Add a touch of shimmer to the centre of your eyelids. And then apply a neutral tone along your brow bone to highlight your arches and add extra shape to your brows. This will also draw attention to your eyes.

When it comes to application, invest in the best make-up brushes to be sure that your look is on point. A good angled shadow brush is perfect for precise application, but if you’re trying a smokey eye use a larger flat-head brush for blending.

Cream shadow can be applied with a brush, but if you want it to blend really well, use a clean fingertip for an accurate, easy finish.

We’ve hand picked the best eyeshadow palettes on the market in our gallery below and in our Black Friday makeup deals edit, so you don’t have to. Find your favourite in our round up below…

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