Princess Charlotte is the real leader of the royal family

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Princess Charlotte may only be seven years old, but she has already proven herself to be the real leader of the Cambridge family.

According to a body language expert, Charlotte has been showing that she is certainly “ in charge”.

Yes, during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, Prince Louis’ facial expressions may have gone viral, but it was Charlotte who was the real leader behind the siblings.

The milestone Platinum Jubilee weekend is where Judi James, body language expert, says Charlotte’s confidence was on full display.

During the Trooping of the Colour parade, the princess stopped her younger brother Louis from waving too much. And while the untrained eye may have missed the moment that the young princess corrected Prince George's posture, Judi did not. The expert explains that this is proof that Charlotte is in charge of her brothers.

Although younger than her heir to the throne brother George, who is turning nine next month; Charlotte seems to be encouraging him in confidence.

While on a royal visit to Wales, George appeared to be too shy to shake hands, but Charlotte had no problem doing so.

“Charlotte seems to know her own mind when it comes to these small formal acts, though. She rarely, if ever, glances at George to suggest she is taking his lead.” Judi James told The Daily Express.

In fact, it is Charlotte that little Louis looks up to, to take the lead. "Louis tends to glance at her first for the lead when it comes to waving or clapping, and during the recent Jubilee celebrations we saw Charlotte very sweetly but firmly correct both her brothers: Louis for over-clapping and putting his fingers in his mouth, and George when he forgot to place his arms straight down at his sides when they stood on the balcony for the anthem.”

Go, Princess Charlotte!

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