Reports of Prince Andrew 'shouting and yelling' at 'upset and shaken' female employee have emerged

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Prince Andrew has been surrounded by controversy this past few years due to his connection with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Epstein died in an apparent suicide in 2019 while being held without bail on charges of sex trafficking girls. And British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has since been been convicted for sex trafficking charges.

Prince Andrew has found himself involved in the case due to his close relationship with both Maxwell and Epstein, and the reports made by one woman, Virginia Giuffre, formerly Roberts, that she was allegedly brought to the UK aged 17 to have sex with the royal. According to Giuffre, she was introduced to Prince Andrew by Ghislaine.

While the Duke of York stepped back from his public duties in 2019, the royal family has denied the claims, with Prince Andrew explaining during his controversial Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis that he had no recollection of meeting her.

Last year, the scandal resurfaced as Virginia Giuffre filed a lawsuit against the Duke of York, accusing him of sexual abuse, with Prince Andrew served with a lawsuit.

Since the news and subsequent lawsuit, there have been calls from the public for Prince Andrew to lose his royal privileges. And this week, as Prince Andrew faces US civil action, the royal family took action, with The Queen stripping her son of his royal and military titles.

This week, news resurfaced involving Prince Andrew losing his temper with an employee just weeks after being served with the Guiffre lawsuit.

According to a source via The Sun, Prince Andrew 'shouted and yelled' at a gardener about the trees being wrongly cut, something that reportedly wasn't even her fault.

'Andrew is under a great deal of stress but it’s no reason to take it out on staff doing their job,' the source explained to The Sun. 'She had nothing to do with the damage and felt it was unfair. After all, it’s only a few saplings.'

The source continued: 'There was a team of gardeners tending the grounds and Andrew spotted a problem with saplings. He started screaming and shouting, "What have you done?" The gardener was very upset and shaken. She has always been considered conscientious and hard-working. Andrew was over the top. You just don’t talk to people like that no matter who you are.'

We will continue to update this story.

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