The unusual reason why King Charles stays up until 4am each night

Sophie Winkleman has opened up about His Majesty's nightly routine.

King Charles III at his Coronation
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It's not often we get an insight into what the royals get up to behind closed doors (even if the fictionalised version The Crown offers is very enthralling). But Sophie Winkleman, the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor (the son of Queen Elizabeth II's cousin Prince Michael of Kent, FYI), has revealed what the King himself gets up to on a typical evening. 

Sophie graces the cover of Tatler's February 2024 issue and in the interview reveals what life is like as part of the British Royal Family. She shared with the magazine that she's "really good friends with all of them," before adding, "That’s a really daft thing to say, but behind the camera, they’re really fun, clever, kind people".

The former Peep Show actress also added that she has a special relationship with King Charles, describing him as a "very dear friend". She continued to say that over the years she's got to know the King—and his daily routines—very well, explaining "I spend a bit of time with him". 

Sophie Winkleman and her family attend a carol concert at Westminster Abbey

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Sophie also went on to praise Charles' work ethic, explaining, "You see how he works all day long, has a quick supper and then disappears until about 4 am to write letters. He cares about so many things, and he comes up with brilliant solutions." That sounds like pure dedication to us!

When speaking of Kate and William, however, Sophie revealed that while she does "love" the Prince and Princess of Wales, "they're so busy and don't live in London, so I don't see them much". Fair enough!

Despite that, Sophie, Lord Frederick and their two daughters did recently show their support for the couple by attending Kate's Christmas Eve carol concert at Westminster Abbey.

Sophie and Lord Frederick's 10-year-old daughter, Maud, also used to go to the same school as Catherine and William’s kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, so they may have bumped into each other at the school gates. 

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