Kate Middleton had a very surprising answer when asked who she was

Her response to the question has garnered a lot of attention

Kate Middleton
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Kate Middleton is one of the most famous women in the world, and over the years she has cemented her position as one of the most important members of the royal family, according to experts. As well as becoming something of a fashion icon over the last decade, Kate has won a legion of fans thanks to her relatability and warmth with members of the public. 

But it seems that not everybody knows who the Princess is. A few years ago, Kate shared a sweet moment with a young girl who called her a 'real life Princess', but during a recent royal visit she was asked who she was - and her response has gone viral. 

Last week, the Princess of Wales attended a royal engagement in Scotland with her husband and the pair went to Burghead Primary School in Moray. They were there to discuss mental health in rural communities, and visited the school to find out more about Outfit Moray, a charity and social enterprise providing outdoor activity programmes for young people in the local area. 

During the visit, Kate was greeting some of the children at the school, and in a video posted to X - formerly Twitter - she can be seen saying to the young students: "I really like your school."

When she went on to introduce herself, one pupil appeared to ask her who she was, but she decided not to mention her royal credentials. Instead, she pointed to William and replied: "Who am I? I'm married to William."

Kate's surprising response has left many royal fans wondering why she didn't refer to herself as a Princess, or draw any attention to her own royal titles. However, there is reportedly a very specific reason why she avoided sharing those details. Journalist and author Penny Junor - who has written a number of books about members of the royal family - once told People: "She's never trying to outshine him in any way. I think that Kate is a bit like Prince Philip supporting the Queen. She doesn’t outshine William but still has a lot to say about herself."

As William is the heir to the throne, it is believed to be an act of respect for the future King, with royal biographer Sarah Gristwood adding: "In one sense hers and William’s was a modern royal marriage, in that it was a love match. But in another way it has been old-fashioned. She mostly appears as a supportive figure to her husband."

So now you know!

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