Kate Middleton reportedly ‘won’t have any more children’ following accidental announcement

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never fail to make viral news, and with their roles elevated this year, the royal couple are all anyone can talk about.

While the three Cambridge children get the most attention, from Prince George knowing he’s different from his siblings and Princess Charlotte's signature sass to Prince Louis’ love of cuddling, it's Prince William and Kate Middleton who spend the most time in front of the cameras.

This week, it was news of a potential fourth Cambridge baby that made headlines as an accidental announcement misled the public into believing that Kate was pregnant.

According to insiders however, the Duke and Duchess 'won't have any more children'.

In their 'Pod Save the Queen' podcast, royal experts Ann Gripper and Russell Myers spoke about a big upcoming announcement from Kensington Palace. And while the announcement was actually about Kate’s new project, the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, the public instead believed that Kate was pregnant with baby number four.

Apologising for ‘setting the cat amongst the pigeons’, Gripper and Myers cleared up the confusion and predicted that the Cambridge couple won’t have any more children.

‘I have to say, first of all, any listeners who were very thoroughly teased by the “big announcement” that was coming from Kensington Palace…,’ Ann began. ‘I came off the call and Ben said, “she’s not pregnant again is she?” I was like, oh gosh that didn’t even cross my mind, I never even thought that some people would think it was a baby. Because I just think they’re done.’

She continued: ‘I just think they’ve got three, they’re not going to have any more unless they have a little accident or afterthought, where they think “oh maybe we will go round again”, but I just feel like they're kind of done, complete.’

Russell Myers was quick to add: ‘Sorry if I gave anyone mild heart palpitations over the announcement.’

Well, that's that.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not commented on the speculation.

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