Duchess of Cornwall, the Queen Consort - but is there another new royal title for Camilla?

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There has been a lot of changes for the royal family of late. Not only have they lost Queen Elizabeth II - who tragically passed away on September 8th - but since Her Majesty's tragic passing, there have been a selection of title changes.

The Prince of Wales previously referred to Prince Charles, but he is now King Charles III and the new King of England, while his son Prince William is recognised as the Prince of Wales.

Duchess Catherine, or Kate Middleton as some know her as, has inherited the Princess of Wales title, which William and Harry's late mother Princess Diana was referred to.

Camilla was previously referred to as the Duchess of Cornwall, but following the Queen's death she became known as the Queen Consort.

Queen Elizabeth II shared a statement prior to her passing, sharing her "sincere wish" for Camilla to take on the Queen Consort title, which is a title given to the wife of the reigning King.

But now her title could change once again.

The Times newspaper's historian and editor has reportedly been instructed to refer to Camilla as The Queen instead of Queen Consort, a change permitted once the protocol following the mourning period is over.

Jack Blackburn tweeted: "Many will be pleased to know that The Times’ writers have been instructed to drop the term the Queen Consort. Whatever clarifying use it had during the mourning period has expired. Queen Camilla is now to be referred to as such or, if there is no risk of confusion, as The Queen."

However, Jack has admitted there is expected confusion over Camilla's title, as well as Queen Elizabeth II.

He continued: "We have not been directed as to how we should refer to Elizabeth II, with that title sounding far too formal and blunt a transition. I imagine 'the late Queen' will suffice for an extended period of time. After then, the old Queen perhaps? Or maybe straight to Elizabeth II?

"It is interesting as to why Queen Consort stuck. I suppose the chief reason was unfamiliarity with having one. It was on the statement announcing the late Queen's death and so perhaps people thought it was proper. However, no Queen has ever had that title in their style.

"Queen Mary was Queen Empress while her husband lived, before reverting to Queen Mary. The other probable reason why it took hold was Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. This was a one-off, in order to differentiate between the two Queen Elizabeths."

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