Enough with positive thinking: here’s the surprising power of positive drinking

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  • Actually doing your bit, made easier.

    Words by Izzy Palmer

    People talk a lot about positive thinking without really meaning much. It’s in danger of slipping into becoming an active hindrance, and an irritatingly-saccharine buzzword. Positive thinking doesn’t bring food to the hungry, after all, or make any difference whatsoever to a polar bear. If someone claims with pride that they ‘don’t preach’, but prefer to focus on an optimistic attitude, it can raise eyebrows. Are you essentially admitting that you don’t believe in doing anything concrete, but want to somehow feel helpful anyway? A positive outlook is all well and good in theory, but when it comes to charity, it sounds dangerously like making excuses for doing nothing.

    So what can we do? Well, luckily, there’s another option: positive drinking.

    We haven’t lost our heads – it’s not all as barmy as it sounds. In a nut-shell, doing our bit has turned out to be a whole lot easier thanks to water bottle brand Thirsty Planet.

    With every Thirsty Planet water bottle purchased, you make a guaranteed donation to Pump Aid, thereby helping bring water to disadvantaged parts of Africa.

    thirsty water local

    This means people are giving to charity perhaps without even thinking – seduced instead by the convenience of the three different sizes and the ergonomically designed bottle. Doing your bit has never seemed so appealing.

    Thirsty Planet, launched in 2007, has already raised two million pounds and brought access to clean water to 1,350 more people. Pump Aid are now responsible for supplying over 10% of the entire rural clean water supply in Malawi and Zimbabwe. Crucially, they work with local communities so that they then know how to maintain their water pump using local resources. This isn’t a short-term solution; it helps individual lives and works with communities at a minute level, bringing independence as well as water.

    thirsty water community

    With reducing single-use plastic being the zeitgeist of the moment, it might seem controversial to be recommending a water bottle company. The truth is, sadly, society is a long, long way off from cutting plastic water bottles out of daily life – and denying that helps in no way. Rather, let’s make sure that when we do buy a water bottle, we buy one like Thirsty Planet: 100% recyclable, and making a difference elsewhere.

    Best of all? They also come in a glass bottle range.

    Thirsty Planet is available at Waitrose. 

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