Women pack over 44 items to go on holiday but only use half

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  • According to a new survey, women pack over 44 items but only end up using half of their holiday wardrobe

    Are you guilty of squeezing in those extra per of wedges or slipping that sixth bikini into your holiday suitcase? Don’t worry ladies, you’re not alone. According to new research women pack double what they will actually need on their summer getaway.

    Apparently the average British woman packs a staggering 44 items for her two week break, but will only end up using just over half.

    With an average holiday suitcase consisting of 18 tops, 12 pairs of shorts or skirts, six bikinis and if there’s still room, eight pairs of shoes, it’s no wonder we spend days before desperately bouncing up and down on our suitcase trying to yank that zip closed.

    According to the recent survey, once packed to bursting, the value of an average woman’s suitcase totals £1,140.

    ‘Women plan ahead and pack for a whole range of situations,’ said Cary Copper, Professor of Psychology at Lancaster University. ‘It’s not a surprise that women tend to pack a lot of shoes, as of course shoes need to go with all the various outfit combinations.’

    It’s not just clothes that are tipping the weighing scales. According to a survey conducted by PriceRunner.co.uk almost a fifth of women take more than five books on holiday. That’s 22.3 million kilos of holiday reading weighing down their bags!

    As a result an increasing amount of women are resorting to e-readers instead, with nearly a third now taking them on holiday. Well that’s leaves a little more space for that final maxi dress!

    Despite women usually spending around four hours packing their holiday bag, a tenth even admitted to deliberating over it for more than 12 hours, many say they hate the chore.

    Almost a quarter of women asked agreed it left them feeling stressed out, while surprisingly more than a fifth revealed it was more stressful than going to work.

    Are you guilty of over-packing? Or do you think it is important to pack for all eventualities? Let us know if the comments box below.


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