Controversy over tightening “virgin” cream on sale in India

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  • Sex debate in India after company releases cream to help women feel "like a virgin"

    A sex debate has emerged in India after a company released a cream to make women, ‘feel like a virgin’ again.

    The pharmaceutical company Ultratech believe the virginal tightening cream ‘18 again’, empowers women, however critics suggest it’s doing the opposite.

    The cream which contains natural ingredients including aloe vera, almond and pomegranate, is to be applied twice daily to ‘rejuvenate and tighten.’

    During clinical trials 89 per cent of women reported an increase level of tightness and 78 per cent reported an increase in satisfaction with their ability of reaching orgasm after using the product for eight weeks, according to the product’s website.

    The controversial advert shows a young Indian women dancing around singing how she, ‘feels like a virgin,’ although the advert makes it clear she is not. The woman is then joined by her husband for further salsa dancing, while family members look on in horror.

    Annie Raja from the National Federation of Indian Women, which fights for women’s rights in the country, believes that the cream sends out a negative message regarding women and their sexuality.

    Ms Raja suggests the cream does not empower women as the product suggests, but conforms to the patriarchal view that men want women to remain virgins until their wedding day.

    ‘Why should women remain a virgin until marriage? It is a woman’s right to have sexual relations with a man, but society here still says they should not until they are brides’ she explains.

    Do you think ‘18 again’ cream sends out the wrong message to society about women’s sexuality?


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