Victoria Beckham says ‘this product is the best product you will ever use’

She goes make-up free to prove it.

Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum

Victoria Beckham is busting out the big guns again. This time with her new Victoria Beckham Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum.

Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum, £180

Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum

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Having combined forces with renowned stem cell researcher Augustinus Bader for a second time, this serum secures Beckham's position as the one to watch in the world of game-changing beauty.

Yesterday she took to instagram to declare, ‘the science behind this is so incredible. I really notice a difference in my pore size and the fine lines around my eyes.’

As if further proof were needed, Beckham posted a video of her make-up free, luminous skin.

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Why You Need the New Victoria Beckham Serum

The new Victoria Beckham serum is grounded in credible stem cell research by an unassuming scientist who’s never attended a fashion show. Bader has spent the last 30 years at a medical clinic in Leipzig, Germany, treating burns victims.

Last November, Victoria Beckham Beauty launched its first skincare product, Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturiser. It incorporated Bader's patented TFC8 technology. After using it, we now strongly believe that you need amino acids, vitamins and molecules that activate lazy stem cells to repair the skin.

You'll find a hefty dose of TFC8 in the new Victoria Beckham serum. It also reduces redness with niacinamide; protects against pollution with antioxidant vitamin E and hydrates and strengthens with skin-quenching hyaluronic acid.

‘All the know-how is based upon scientific knowledge of what our skin cells really need to work at their best,’ says Bader.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Victoria Beckham Beauty product if the packaging didn’t scream chic, too. Think frosted glass, simple black typography and a pipette to dispense just the right amount of serum every time.

Victoria Beckham Serum

As well as looking good, the bottle does good, too. It is made of recyclable glass and can be disassembled so each piece enters the proper recycling stream. It comes packaged in a 100% post-consumer waste carton and shipped in protective, biodegradable foam. This can be dissolved under running water or disposed in compost. Pretty cool, no?

Use the Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum before the Priming Moisturiser or in conjunction with Augustinus Bader’s cult The Cream.

Something tells us this Victoria Beckham serum is yet another product her fans will instantly adore.

P.S. You had us at the selfie, VB.

Fiona Embleton

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