This map of the most Googled questions is quite frankly embarrassing

But really, how does sex work?

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online phone L

But really, how does sex work?

It’s hard to remember how questions were answered and arguments were resolved before Google.

Just think, without Google we could be walking the earth with our heads filled with a series of niche, slightly strange and heavily personal questions, probably worrying ourselves into an illness that only Google could diagnose.

And we’re not alone.

American real estate website, Esately have put together a map of the most Googled questions state by state over the last 12 years, and the results are a cross between hilarious, endearing, worrying and embarrassing.

Here are a few of our favourites in alphabetical order. Absolute shout out to Texas, by the way.

ARKANSAS: Is God real? How to vote on The Voice? Why did the chicken cross the road?

CALIFORNIA: What is sexism? What is jello? What is a mullet? Am I asexual? Is Bernie Sanders vegan? Do jellyfish have brains?

DELAWARE: Who run the world? How to get away with murder?

FLORIDA: Is adultery illegal? Are UFOs real? Is magic real? Which Disney princess am I? Why does everyone hate Florida?

HAWAII: What is Instagram? What is the meaning of life?

IDAHO: is Ted Cruz the Zodiak killer? What does Netflix and chill mean?

KANSAS: What is Syria? How to make meth?

MINNESOTAL: Is funner a word?

NEW YORK: Am I bisexual? Am I an alcoholic? What’s a millennial? Who killed Biggie? Who is Banksy? Is Mercury in retrograde? How to ask for a raise?

RHODE ISLAND: Did Jay-Z cheat on Beyonce? Is Jon Snow alive?

TENNESSEE: Where do babies come from? Are unicorns real? What is the clap?

TEXAS: Am I cool? Am I a sociopath? How does sex work? Who is the best rapper? Who named Pluto? Who was the best president? Do I have herpes? How to meet men? What is gun control? Where is the internet? What is jock itch? Where is hell? Where is heaven? Why do I sweat? Where is Johnny Manziel? When is flu season? When is Jesus coming? Is Russia in Asia? Can I vote? How to yodel? Which Pokemon are you? Why are people so mean? Why are we here? How to get rich quick? How to be the man? Who is Putin? Why is my hair falling out? Why is my tongue yellow? Why is my tongue white? Do girls poop? Do zombies exist?

WYOMING: What is Wyoming?

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