These are the most Instagrammable places in Europe

Because hot dog legs are so last year

What’s the point of going on holiday?

To relax? Experience a new culture? Spend quality time with your one true love?

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The point of going on holiday, in the digital age at least, is to make your friends back home sick with envy.

But how to do this without resorting to #sorrynotsorry posts of a cocktail by the pool or your gently toasting toes in actual weather appropriate sandals?

The answer, friends, is subtlety. By simply choosing one of the most Instagrammable holiday destinations in Europe you can rack up a smug factor as high as your SPF without once resorting to a #standardMondaymorning boak-fest.

Here’s where Expedia believes are the best #nofilter destinations in Europe.

Annecy, France
A town in the southeast of France that scores highly on the castles, cathedral and romance front. There’s even a lovers’ bridge (Pont des Amours). Ooh la la.


Pamukkale, Turkey
A Uneso World Heritage Site, and Turkey’s most visited destination, the thermal springs sure beat a soak in your home tub.


Positano, Italy
One of the prettiest towns we ever did see, a jumble of terracotta, peach and pink houses fall (not literally) down the cliffs to a sea that’s as blue as fit Jay Hutton from Tattoo Fixer’s eyes.


Salzburg, Austria
The hills are alive, with the sound of smartphone cameras clicking the incredible views of the place The Sound Of Music’s outdoor scenes were filmed.


Santorini, Greece
The skies! The sea! Is there anything about Santorini not to like? Well, the paths look a bit steep but on the plus side you’d have thighs like Beyonce by the time your holiday is over.


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