Why we're a little pissed off about the new iPhone 7 plans

RIP to the home button. You were great.

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RIP to the home button. You were great.

We're not too pleased about the blueprints for the new iPhone 7, which plan to get rid of our beloved home button. Why'd you go and do that, Apple?

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If the plans are to be believed, the iPhone 7 will be losing the home button in favour of a completely smooth, fully touch-sensitive screen. The rumours come from leaked photos which were first published on Apple Insider and have been circulating on social media ever since.

The technology giants are also planning on ousting the headphone jack in favour of wireless listening.

This is all getting a bit much for us.

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The guys over at Forbes have made a prediction on how the new and improved home button will work, saying: 'Hypothetically the digital home button would deform slightly when it is pressed, but it will go back to the normal shape when the user lifts their finger.' If it ain't broke, don't fix it, we say.

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Here's just a few reasons why we love the home button: - It's smooth surface and slight indentation pleases us greatly. - It's a port of call, a beacon of light (if you will), for when we're all lost and confused in a web of tabs. - The click when you press it is satisfying (to say the least).

You can tell we feel hugely passionate about this. What do you think of the plans?

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