The First Night Of Adele’s World Tour Was Epic: It Featured A Proposal, 18 Hit Songs And Lots Of Sharing

Hello... from Belfast

Adele performing at the BRIT Awards
Adele performing at the BRIT Awards
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Hello... from Belfast

Last night Adele opened her world tour in Belfast, playing 18 songs over two hours to a crowd of 11,000 fans.

"I know some of you have been dragged along," she joked at the beginning of the night, "but I'm going to win you over… Although some of my songs get a bit depressing."

Spoiler alert: she won everyone over. It was a night ro remember.

Adele wore a custom-made Burberry dress covered in black sequins (the outfit whispered glamour and looked like a shimmering night’s sky). There were no costume changes and the staging was simple too - "It's not a Beyoncé show" quipped Adele.

It’s the first time Adele has played to a UK arena in four and a half years and she admitted to having felt incredibly nervous all day. 15 minutes in to the show she revealed :"They told me not to talk for three songs so my nerves could calm a little."

Adele then got candid about her frequent need to visit the loo ahead of the opening performance of her world tour , but assured concert-goers that she had taken an Immodium before heading on stage and was now feeling much better. She also revealed: ‘I woke up sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger!’ - she had accidentally left the air conditioning on in her hotel room all night.

The BBC reports that Adele also talked sweat: "I need to wipe the puddle off me face". Then shared insights about the time she met Bob Dylan: "I couldn't understand what he was saying”. And gave an honest account of her pre-stage prep ritual: "you should have seen me in the dressing room - I had to do an emergency shave on my legs".

Oh, Adele, you really are just like all of us, except significantly more talented.

Another highlight of the evening was when Adele staged a romantic intervention – helping Hayley from Essex propose to her boyfriend Neil.

As it was leap year (and tradition dictates that it’s a day when the tables can turn and women should do the proposing) Hayley had popped the question ahead of the concert. However, Neil had responded with ‘maybe’.

Adele was unimpressed and called on the arena’s 11,000 strong audience to get a firm yes out of Neil: “After three everyone say ‘come on Neil’” urged Adele. She later joked that if he didn’t marry her she would put him on the cover of her tour DVD – he was persuaded and Adele then invited herself to the wedding. The very happiest of endings.

The 27-year-old is set to play a whopping 105 dates, across Europe and North America before the year is out in.

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