Hello From Outside The Juice Bar: Adele’s Hilarious Hidden Camera Prank

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  • Magic, from start to finish

    Our love for Adele knows no bounds and now the Hello singer has pulled off an EPIC prank for the Ellen DeGeneres show.

    It’s official, comic timing can be added to the ever-growing list of this woman’s talents. Tears rolled down our cheeks as we watched… real tears of joy. The clip is magic from start to finish.

    The hilarious sketch was devised by the team at the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Adele was hooked up to an audio feed so she could hear Ellen’s voice in her ear for the duration – the show host fed Adele instructions and script lines on the spot, while a hidden camera recorded everything.

    Adele followed Ellen’s direction like a pro. The concept? Adele was to behave like a demanding (but kind of clueless) diva – turning what should have been a straight-forward, drama-free drinks order at a juice bar in to a farcical fiasco.

    We would hate to give away too much but some highlights include a deer impression, a grooming stunt involving Adele’s assistant Simone, and a Mary Poppins-worthy handbag stuffed with surprises.

    The somewhat bemused staff at the Jamba Juice bar also deserve a shout out – the starstuck trio handled the whole thing superbly, despite not knowing that Adele was putting on an act.

    Today we will mostly be watching this on repeat. Ready yourself to snort-laugh for five whole minutes.

    While she was on the chat show Adele also addressed her much-discussed Grammy performance and admitted to being very embarrassed and emotional about the sound issues that occurred during her live performance – ‘I cried pretty much all day yesterday’ she said.

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