The 10 most romantic places in London have been revealed (but we’re slightly dubious)

Don’t worry though, we’ve worked out the ACTUAL most romantic place in London

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Don’t worry though, we’ve worked out the ACTUAL most romantic place in London

Being single in London is a whole different ballgame to being single anywhere else in the country. The city moves at lightening speed, everyone is just so damn busy, and weirdly, despite the huge population, it’s pretty difficult to find someone doesn’t leave you wondering whether you exclusively attract weirdos. 

With many Londoners looking for love turning to the help of the internet, dating app Happn (where you have to ‘cross paths’ with a prospective match) have released a list of the most popular places in London to find love, based on where they see the most matches.

1: Canary Wharf

2: Liverpool Street

3: Euston

4: Stratford

5: Oxford Street

6: King’s Cross

7: London Bridge

8: Waterloo

9: Piccadilly Circus

10: Brixton

Now here’s our issue: ALL of those places, with the exception Brixton, are areas that are packed all of the time. 

We don’t mean to snap Cupid’s arrow over his head, but Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street, Euston, King’s Cross, London Bridge and Waterloo, all have huge stations that that have tens of thousands of commuters pass through them daily. And we all know the first thing you do when you sit on the train is check your Happn. Don't even deny. 

Then there’s Stratford and Oxford Street, which are central shopping locations in our capital, and Piccadilly Circus, which is just a constant sea of people.

Therefore, the only place that can be trusted as the best place to find love on that list, is Brixton. And we’re inclined to agree, Brixton is romantic, as soon as you step out of the station, there’s someone selling flowers, which can get you in the mood for some clichéd romance.

It’s creative and arty but not filled with hipsters (aka total romantic vibe assassins), Brixton Village has a plethora of unique and romantic (and ahem, cheap) bars and restaurants, which are the perfect settings to catch the eye of any potential beau. 

Although, let’s be honest, you’re most likely to meet him at the end of the night in the 24 hours McDonalds.

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