14 Times Sabrina The Teenage Witch Magicked Up The Best Life Lessons

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  • It’s the news all 90s kids have been waiting for - Sabrina is getting a reboot.

    It’s the news all 90s kids have been waiting for; Melissa Joan Hart, aka Sabrina The Teenage Witch, has confirmed that she’s been in talks to reboot Sabrina. That’s right, she’s marking the character’s 20th anniversary (oh wow, we’re old) and reviving the TV show that defined our childhoods, and made us think that you could switch outfits in an instant just by pointing your magic finger at it.

    Here’s 14 life lessons we definitely learnt from Sabrina…

    1. It’s totally acceptable to maintain a great floordrobe, as above. The messier, the better, really.

    2. Life would be way easier if you could just get dressed like this in the morning.

    3. Your parents / guardians / aunts / all adults could be so, so mean.

    4. But they were always fun, really.

    5. Science really is the hardest. Mitosis is… Mitosis is…

    6. All popular girls are actually evil.

    7. But good always wins in the end.

    8. No one is who they say they are on the internet.

    9. Just being normal was always the goal.

    10. But being a weirdo will always be way more exciting.

    11. And who needs human friends when your pets are so damn awesome?

    12. You should never think twice about treating yourself because, like, you SO deserve it.

    13. In fact you can really never have too much of a good thing.

    14. And finally, above all else, you should just love yourself. Because you’re awesome, ok?

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