The one funny accessory Kate Middleton has to wear at Royal Ascot

You know, in case somebody doesn't know who she is.

royal ascot name tag
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You know, in case somebody doesn't know who she is.

Race day is fast approaching and the Royal Ascot buzz has started up again. For those keen on joining in the fun, figuring out what to wear to Ascot can be a little daunting as it has a super strict dress code that not even the royal family is exempt from. In fact, even Kate Middleton has to adhere to one surprising rule: a compulsory name tag.

You’d think that as one of the most recognisable faces in the world she’d be given a pass. However Kate and Wills had to run around last year wearing matching tags that read HRH The Duke/Duchess of Cambridge respectively. However there’s actually a hidden meaning behind the labels, as the type of name tag you have actually denotes what access tier you have at the event.

royal ascot name tag

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So for example, Kate, William and Princess Anne have all previously been photographed wearing a Royal Box tag - while Lady Gabriella Windsor has a Royal Enclosure tag. Naturally, as immediate members of the Royal Family, it’s not surprising that they’d be granted one of the highest levels of access.

After taking a little peek at the Queen's previous Ascot photographs though, it seems like she doesn't need a tag. I mean, that would be a bit much.


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Ascot is notorious for the fashion police roaming the grounds, ready to tell off somebody for an exposed shoulder or inappropriate fascinator at a moment’s notice. It gets even stricter if you’re in one of the royal areas, as the brim of your hat has to be above a certain width - though the Duchess has made it work with her vast array of Kate Middleton hats.

As Kate’s technically still on maternity leave, we don’t know if she’ll actually be in attendance this year. Hopefully the new mumma gets a rare chance to let her hair down and party on with Prince William, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

(We’re sure they can find someone to watch the kids for the day.)

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