Go faux: the Queen has banned fur from her future outfits

This news is change fur the better

queen fur

This news is change fur the better

Queen Elizabeth II has made the decision to publicly ban real fur in her future outfits, her dresser and personal adviser has revealed.

The historic move means the Queen has become the first member of the royal family to publicly ban wearing the animal product, and we predict fellow family members will follow her lead.

Writing about Her Majesty's style secrets in her new memoir, The Other Side of the Coin, Angela Kelly explained, 'If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather, from 2019 onwards fake fur will be used to make sure she stays warm.'

Buckingham Palace also confirmed the statement, adding, 'As new outfits are designed for the Queen, any fur used will be fake. We are not suggesting that all fur on existing outfits will be replaced or that the Queen will never wear fur again. The Queen will continue to re-wear existing outfits in her wardrobe.'

queen fur

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Animal rights campaigners have praised the move. Claire Bass, Humane Society International director, said: 'Our Head of State going fur free sends a powerful message.We are thrilled Her Majesty has officially gone fur free.

'Fur is firmly out of fashion and does not belong with Brand Britain. We are now calling on the government to follow her majesty's example and make the UK the first country in the world to ban the sale of animal fur.'

Animal rights organisation PETA, which wants fur sales banned, said the news is 'a sign of the times'.

But they also asked the Queen to extend the new policy to soldiers in the Queen's guard, suggesting the bear fur worn on their caps be replaced with faux bearskin.

The Queen has previously been papped throughout her reign wearing various outfits accessorised with fur. She wore a brown fur coat for a Christmas Day church service in 2015, and a fox fur-lined coat and matching fox fur hat in 2010.

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