Prince William just taught us an amazing parenting trick

We're totally stealing this

Prince William Parenting Advice
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We're totally stealing this

After it was revealed what Prince William's nickname for the Queen was, we weren't sure the next-in-line could get any more adorable - but it seems he can.

We'll admit it, we've spent a lot of time looking through photos of Prince George, Kate Middleton and Prince William (and Princess Charlotte, of course) because whatever your opinion on the royals are, they are one hell of a cute family.

So, what you might have noticed in a lot of photos of Prince Wills and his kids is that he always kneels down to their level when he talks to them.

There are hundreds of photos of the Duke of Cambridge getting low to talk to Prince George face-to-face and his squatting trick isn't just good for fitness, but also for parenting, apparently.

Because what it does is allow you to talk to the toddler at their eye level which is an active listening technique.

Parenting experts say that this eye contact helps children really feel valued and heard and can also improve their self-esteem. Listening wholly to children, without any distraction, also helps them know that you're really listening, too.

This is a handy tip for everyone, whether you're a parent, aunt, godmother or if you just work with children.

Well, if it's got the royal seal of approval...

Delphine Chui