Wrapping paper with your face on it now exists so we're stocking up

Merry Christmas from me (and me, and more me...)

personalised wrapping paper

Merry Christmas from me (and me, and more me...)

Christmas is coming. Okay, we've still got eight weeks to go (not that we're counting), but experts say that putting your decorations up early could make you happier - and when there are Harry Potter baubles to be bought and Prosecco Christmas crackers to put on ice then why wouldn't you start the countdown immediately after bonfire night?

While you've no doubt already written your list for Santa, when it comes to buying for others it can get a bit tricky. Of course you know that you want these absolutely adorable stocking fillers, but what about your sister, or your other half, or your pet? What do they want?

If you're really stuck when it comes to presents this year, why not give someone - or many people, for that matter - the gift of your face plastered all over some glitzy wrapping paper?

personalised wrapping paper

Credit: Prezzybox

Gift website Prezzybox are selling the very personalised wrapping paper and we have to say, we're big fans.

Sure, you'll need something to wrap first, but it doesn't really matter what the object is because the true present is immediately clear from the get go.

And they won't forget who it's from, either.

Just think of how happy you'll be making somebody every time they look underneath the Christmas tree and see your face smiling back. You could even get them multiple small gifts so that your presence in their living room is really felt and hard to ignore.

A two-metre roll will set you back £17.99 - and there's no excuse not to use it for everyone on your xmas list.

All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself and they'll do the rest. Or you could get creative and make it strange by choosing a picture of the person you're actually buying for. Or your dog! Who doesn't want your pup's face all over their wrapping paper?

The options are endless.

It's a big yes from us.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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