Here's what was inside the luxury Oscars goodie bags last night

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Words by Rosie Grant

The Oscars took place on Sunday, and even though COVID-19 meant a scaled-down event, it is clear to see that the goodie bags were only scaled up in price.

This year, the lavish goodie bags totalled to, brace yourselves, $60K - just the average price of a gift bag then...

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For 19 years now, Distinctive Assets has been the company behind the iconic 'Everyone Wins' nominee gift bag, which was given to all the nominees in the Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Best Director categories.

Reported by Page Six, the 2021 goodie bags are bigger and better than the year before, if that is even possible.

This year, the Oscars goodie bags will offer:

A four-night stay at the best spa in the world, named the Golden Spa as well as a two-night trip to the luxury private Raiwasa Resort in Fiji, which is valued at a whopping $8000. Also included is a choice of any plastic surgery procedure at Art Lipo, as what else would you expect in LA? A QR code from Postmates that will send food straight from local restaurants and personal training sessions with a celebrity trainer, to burn off that free food.

You think that’s enough? Oh no, there’s more! A $10,000 four-night stay at the Sailrock Resort in Turks & Caicos and a three-night trip to the Dominican Republic’s Casa del Campo, valued at $3000, reported by Cosmopolitan.

And to end it all off, with something we can all relate to, Pyjamas and a bath bomb, that is ethically sourced from silk and bamboo.

Phew, that was a lot.

Something that does make this goodie bag stand out from the rest is that the selections from this bag were sourced from companies that 'embrace diversity, inclusion, health and philanthropy', according Distinctive Assets.

Lash Fary, the founder of Distinctive Assets, followed on by stating:

'While the end result may look at first glance like the same cornucopia of fabulous gifts we always assemble, this year’s contents are particularly special. The companies we are featuring embrace diversity, inclusion, health and philanthropy and are giving back to their communities and the world at large in significant ways.'

To us it seems that a $60k gift bag is more than enough, but we are sure there is more to add. Especially seeing as last year's goodie bags were valued at $215K.

Now that is a party we wish we were invited to.

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