Michelle Obama reveals what Barack talks about when he gets in from work

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  • First lady gives exclusive interview on American TV channel - and also says he wouldn't have run without her say-so

    Michelle Obama has said she never drills her husband on White House policy when he gets home.

    And she has revealed that he would not have run for presidential office if she hadn’t backed the idea, as he puts his family first.

    In an exclusive interview with American TV channel ABC’s Cynthia McFadden, the First Lady said it was her brother, Craig Robinson, who persuaded her to let it happen.

    She said: ‘In the end, Barack, our family is priority for him, and I knew that if I said no he wouldn’t do this. I had to think of whether I would want to be responsible for not having somebody like Barack you know, someone with his level of intellect, his honesty, his compassion, his vision.

    ‘Would I want to be the one who stood in the way of this person potentially running this country?’

    Hitting back at critics who claim she influences her husband too much, she also insisted she never shares opinions on Barack Obama’s policy and is careful not to ‘talk shop’ when he gets home.

    She said: ‘In a job like this, the last thing the President of the United States needs when he walks in the door to come home is someone drilling him and questioning him about the decisions and choices that he’s made.’

    The Nightline three-part series begins tonight at 11:35pm ET on ABC.



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