Make a difference with Halo

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  • Buying towels and tampons can help women’s wellbeing, thanks to a new initiative by femcare range Halo

    Do something different today: save a life. There are dozens of good reasons to give to charity, from commemorating a loved family member to simply feeling good about yourself. But the one overarching case is that a handful of your pennies make the difference between life and death.

    By donating money to charity you can fund research, ensuring that the 126 British women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every week get earlier and better treatment. You can also support the mental health advice lines that provide crucial information to the one in four British women who need treatment for depression. Or you can finance basic maternity services that can save the half a million women and nearly four million newborns who die every year across the world.

    And with a new initiative by feminine care range Halo, you don’t even need to find spare cash to give away. The brand, which sells affordable, high-quality tampons, sanitary towels and panty liners exclusively at Tesco, donates 15p from every product sale to charities that help women. The money is distributed by an independently run charity, the Halo Initiative.

    And if you want to show even more support for women, why not take part in Halo’s Show Your Knickers campaign? Halo is inviting people to customise a pair of knickers and enter the competition. Every month, the winning entry will receive £500 of Tesco vouchers.

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