Everything we know so far about the new iPhone 7

It's going to be VERY different

Kylie Jenner phone
Kylie Jenner phone

It's going to be VERY different

A fair amount has been released about the iPhone 7 and we now have some idea of what it's going to look like shape-wise, thanks to a patent that was filed by Apple last week.

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So what will the newest addition to the Apple family look like? Answer: pretty different. The suggested wrap around screen will take some getting used to for those of us who are used to the previous models' nice, clean cut screens. The product description says it will have 'transparent housing' and that entire phone will be some sort of glass tube. Interesting.

Possibly the most surprising bit of info we've heard so far is that our beloved home button is being laid to rest, which we were very upset about. Instead, the iPhone 7 will be equipped with a fully-responsive touch screen with a home button that sits at the bottom of it. Excuse us while we mourn having a physical button to click.

So far Silver, Gold and Rose Gold seem to be staying in terms of colour options, but Space Grey is rumoured to be replaced with a Deep Blue version in the latest model.

One of the latest leaks suggests that we won't be losing the headphone jack after all, and that the iPhone 7 will come with Apple's earbuds, Engadget reports. A bit of a U-Turn that means we won't get to experience this 'wireless listening', but at least it means you can keep hold of your good old plug in headphones, right?

A 256GB storage version of the iPhone 7 is rumoured, too, meaning it'll take you even longer to get to the stage where you have to start deleting loads of your photos.

And according to Engadget, there may even be a dual SIM card slot so that your phone can have two numbers on the go at once – ideal if you have a work number and just CBA to carry two separate phones.

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Of course, nothing is official until Apple unveils the final phones in their keynote, so we'll just have to wait and see how this one pans out...

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