Now you can make your phone protect you

A brand new text service that alerts people if you get in trouble is predicted to be a hit with women

Mobile phone - News - Marie Claire
Mobile phone - News - Marie Claire
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A brand new text service that alerts people if you get in trouble is predicted to be a hit with women

Walking home alone at night can be frightening and dangerous - especially for women. But thanks to the launch of a new text service for mobiles, the experience could be about to change.

The system, Text You Home, is said to transform a person's phone into a personal alarm, allowing users to alert their friends and family if they get into trouble during a journey.

It works by setting text alarms in advance, which are then sent to an emergency contact if the phone owner doesn't get home at a particular time.

Once the alarm is triggered, the service locates the user through network triangulation to pinpoint the mobile. This location is then texted to a friend or family member so they can either get in touch or alert the police.

The alarm can simply be switched off when the user gets home safely, or if they decide to make plans and stay out later.

Alternatively, a person can speed-dial a panic number to trigger an alarm if they get mugged.

This unique idea was devised by Alanna Lawrie-Fussey after a friend was mugged and left unconscious on the street all night.

‘My friend should have been perfectly safe, living in a nice art of London with flatmates,' she said. ‘But because no one in the flat knew when the others came and went, none of them realized there was a problem. Thankfully my friend recovered fully.'

The device is aimed particularly at female commuters, who often have to walk home alone in the dark.

Subscriptions to the service start at £1.99 a month. Alternatively, users can choose a pay-as-you-go option. Visit for more details.

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