The new Gossip Girl reboot cast has officially been revealed

Attention Upper Eastsiders…

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Attention Upper Eastsiders…

It may have been seven years since Gossip Girl left our screens, but it still feels like it was just yesterday.

And while the show’s end left a Blair and Chuck shaped hole in our hearts, it also left us with a lot of questions.

Does Henry Bass have any siblings? How are Serena and Dan enjoying married life? Are Georgina and Jack Bass actually together now? And please tell us that William Van Der Woodsen has been discovered as the biggest villain ever – well, second biggest if we’re counting Bart Bass.

After unanswered calls for a reboot of the CW show, we had all given up hope, but last year it was announced that Gossip Girl was coming back, with WarnerMedia’s new streaming network HBO Max confirming a return series of 10 one-hour episodes.

Understandably the internet blew up with excitement, with speculation rising around where Blair, Chuck, Nate, Serena and Dan all are in their lives.

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It has since been revealed however that the Gossip Girl ‘reboot’ is not actually what we thought, with the upcoming series set to take place eight years after the GG finale, and as it features none of the original cast (we know, sob), it looks like it’s more of a spin-off than a reboot.

Executive producer Josh Schwartz opened up about the new show at the Television Critics Association summer tour, explaining that the show will introduce all-new characters, being simply a ‘continuation of that world’.

‘There aren’t, like, new actors playing Serena and Blair,’ he explained via TVLine. ‘It’s not a remake.’

Kristen Bell was previously confirmed to star in the upcoming show as the narrator and Emily Alyn Lind, Whitney Peak, Eli Brown, Johnathan Fernandez and Jason Gotay were announced to be starring. But who are the new actors playing the new characters? Well, this week it was announced that four new actors were joining the upcoming series - Tavi Gevinson, Thomas Doherty, Adam Chanler-Berat, and Zion Moreno.

BRB – off to the Met steps to discuss this over yogurt!

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